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QuickBooks Error 30114

QuickBooks has made managing accounts easy and efficient especially for small and medium scale business owners. QuickBooks helps you in keeping your account up to date and also provides so many important tools and features that can provide the essential boost for your business. But there are some errors that can restrict you from working on your files and tasks. One such error is QuickBooks Error 30114.

QuickBooks Payroll Error 30104 usually appears while installing the program, in the middle of the startup or sudden closing of the windows. In this article, we are going to provide the main causes and solutions for this error code. You can also dial the QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number in order to get instant support from the experts.

Causes Of QuickBooks Payroll Error 30114

  • Corrupt downloaded file
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks
  • Corrupted windows registry due to the latest modifications in QuickBooks application.
  • Windows or QB files might get corrupted due to Malware or Virus attack.
  • QuickBooks related files were deleted
  • Runtime Errors for example “Payroll Error 30114” code might be caused by an assortment of components, so it is vital that you troubleshoot all of the conceivable causes keep it from repeating.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 30114

We have provided the full fledge solutions for this payroll error code. Sometimes, resolving this error might get complicated and time taken so you are advised to follow all the steps sequence wise. You are also recommended to create a backup prior to going for the solutions.

Steps to resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error 30114 are as given below:

  1. Create a backup file of the QB-related registry section
    • Click on the Start menu
    • Now press windows+R form your keyboard
    • Then type cmd and press Enter key
    • A black window will appear on your screen
    • Type regedit and then press Enter
    • From the new registry window, choose 30114 associated key that you need to back up.
    • From QuickBooks, click on the File menu and then select Export option from the drop down list
    • Select the folder where you wish to save the QB key backup
    • Give a name to your backup key and click on save.
    • The file will be saved with the .reg document or file extension.
  2. Perform a complete Malware Scan of your computer
  3. Remove all the junk files through the Disk Cleanup tool.
  4. Reset all the recent changes that you have made to the system through Windows System Restore
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks software
  6. Use the Windows System document or file checker
  7. Install the latest available updates for windows

Help To Fix 30114 Error

By performing above steps carefully and properly, you will be able fix the QuickBooks Error 30114. However, if the error still persists then you can contact QuickBooks Support or you can also call us dialing our toll free number for QuickBooks Support +1866-644-7717.

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QuickBooks Banking Error 108

QuickBooks is an efficient tool designed for managing accounts and helps your business to grow. There can be some errors that can hinder your work. There are some banking errors and issues that can occur while banking within the QuickBooks software. There are different error codes for different banking error categories in QuickBooks. One of the banking errors is QuickBooks Banking Error 108 that can restrict you from accessing your online bank account. When you get the error code 108, you may also get following message along with it:

  • A type of error
  • An announcement regarding maintenance or some other changes in the bank’s website
  • New terms and conditions

Causes Of QuickBooks Banking Error 108

  • Incorrect or invalid login credentials or improper login with bank.
  • Internet connection is not stable
  • Unintentionally deleted, formatted or downloaded transaction files
  • Your QuickBooks version is outdated

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 108

  • Login to the bank account
  • Go through the message that needs to be validated
  • Ensure that all the messages are sent successful. Checkout all manually downloaded transactions.
  • You need to turn on your pop up blocker by pressing the CTRL key in case if you don’t see any message.

Support For QuickBooks Banking Error 108

QuickBooks Banking Error 108 is one such error that can restrict you from login into your bank account. This error will not allow you to do any transaction from your bank account. You need to resolve this banking error as soon as possible as it can hinder your workflow. The above mentioned steps will help you in resolving the 108 banking error. However, if the error still persists or you are having any other issues with your QuickBooks software, then you can get in touch with our highly experienced QuickBooks Pro Advisors. Just call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 toll free and get your issues resolved instantly.

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QuickBooks Web Connector 1085 Error

QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC 1085

Managing accounts can be a very complex task especially for small sized industries. If you want to manage all your business tasks without any hassle then you need a integrated software program and QuickBooks is one such software that has done all these things for all kinds and size of industries over the years. Currently, more than 70% of the small business owners are using QuickBooks software. Although, it is a great accounting software but sometimes it might run into such errors that can hinder your work. One such error is QBWC 1085 Error. Due to this error you won’t be able to utilize your online banking account through QuickBooks as this error interrupts the path of online banking and system.

What Does Error QBWC 1085 Means?

Before going to the error, you need to know about the QuickBooks Web Connector. In simple terms, QuickBooks Web Connector is an application from Microsoft Windows that helps QuickBooks software in exchanging the data from web services.

QB Web Connector Error occurs when one of the user login into the QuickBooks and your company file was accessed by someone who is using a later version of QuickBooks.

When you get this error:

  • You are restricted to write the log
  • The web connector will keep on filing without the log file.

How To Fix Error QBWC1085

If a third party application is connected through web connector then you need to follow the below steps:

  • Shut down QuickBooks and web connector
  • Then follow the given path
    • For Windows 7, 8 & Vista: /programData/Intuit/QBWebconnector/log
    • For Windows XP: c:/Documents and settings/All users/Application
  • Change the name of QBCLOG.TXT to QBCLOG.TXT.OLD
  • Restart the web connector
  • Restart your computer and then run QuickBooks
  • Now login to the third party app

If no third party application is connected through web connector tool then follow the below steps:

  • Login to your system as an administrator
  • Then follow the given path
    • For Windows 7, 8 & Vista: /programData/Microsoft/Windows/Start menu/Startup
    • For Windows XP: c:/Documents and settings/All users/Start menu/Program/Startup
  • Format QuickBooks Web Connector
  • Restart your computer and then run QuickBooks again

Get Support To Fix QBWC 1085 Error Code

QBWC 1085 Error is not a complex issue to solve. It can be solved easily if you follow the provided guidelines properly as it does not require any technical expertise. However, if you are not able to fix the issue manually or you are having some other issues in your QuickBooks software then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 toll free.

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QuickBooks Payroll Error 12157

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Error 12157

QuickBooks Error 12157 comes under the 12000 error series. It is one of the most common errors in QuickBooks that occurs due to the web connectivity issues in the windows operating system. This error mostly occurs in the win32 server. It can be create some serious issues in future as it restricts upcoming updates in QuickBooks.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 12157

Main causes behind the error code 12157 in QuickBooks are as given below:

  • Internet security settings or firewall settings
  • Number of QuickBooks programs updated on the same system for example QB Desktop Pro 2016 and QB Desktop Enterprise Solution 16.0.
  • Internet connectivity issues that are creating obstacles while upgrading QuickBooks

How To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 12157

Intuit has provided some guidelines to fix this payroll update error in QuickBooks. You need to follow the guidelines sequence wise and you will be able to resolve it manually and will be able to install the updates again. Steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 12157 are as given below:

Advance Settings

  • Shut down QuickBooks and open the Internet Explorer browser
  • Follow the path: Menu bar > Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Select the Restore Advanced Settings option

Setting Up The Firewall And Third Party Software Application

In some scenarios, Firewall settings of your computer and third party application settings can obstruct the update of QuickBooks software and Payroll application. It sends permission to incoming and outgoing through 10172 ports.

QuickBooks Desktop And Internet Explorer Settings

If you want QuickBooks Desktop to work fluently, then you need to make sure that QuickBooks and Internet Explorer are working together properly. You need to resolve all the recent issues of both programs and also Internet Explorer should be your default internet browser.

Amateur Computer User Clarification

  • Download and install the Repair Utility Tool in your system.
  • After installation, Run the Repair Utility Tool and click on Scan
  • Click to fix the issue while output has finished.
  • Restart your system and open QuickBooks to make sure that the error is fixed

Support For 12157 Error In QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error 12157 is a very common error but at the same time it can also become very much frustrating as it does not allow you to update your Payroll application. In such cases, it is mandatory for you to fix this error as soon as possible. By following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to fix the issue manually. However, if you are looking for an instant support for QuickBooks then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 toll free.

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QuickBooks Error 103 or 310

What Does QuickBooks Banking Error Code 103/310 Means?

You might be getting the QuickBooks Error 103/310 when ‘The Financial Institution Website’ refuses the credentials during login. This error restricts you to login until you update the login details with QuickBooks. You can contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Support team if you are getting any kind of error in QuickBooks multi-user mode.

Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Banking Error 103 or 310

  • Open the bank website and login to your account with appropriate login credentials.
  • Click on edit icon
  • Edit the login info
  • Click on the hyperlink for the bank’s website
  • Confirm your successful SS information of account, history and transactions from the new window.
  • Look for KB article after successful login
  • If you could not update the login credentials, you need to contact the customer support and re-ensure the details of name, bank, website, account type and an error type.

Steps To Verify Credentials

  • Tap on the ‘Verify your credential’ link
  • You will now be able to edit the login details


  • You need to update your bank account via QuickBooks Online if the verify credentials is not visible on screen.
  • If the banking website is not visible in the QuickBooks Online, then you need to go through a proper connection setup to the URL of the bank account.

Follow the below steps for checking the measures before performing troubleshooting steps:

  • Perform the verification of the bank connection with the official login web page of the bank.
  • Remove the extension of URL and search again in case the connection setup is unsuccessful.

Support For QuickBooks Error 103/310

If the above mentioned steps didn’t go well and the error still persists or you are having any kind of doubts in the solution steps, then you can get in touch with our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717.

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QuickBooks Won’t Open: Connect With Expert For Support

QuickBooks Not Responding And User Unable To Open Company File

QuickBooks accounting software is integrated with so many important features and tools that allow you to manage your accounts and business efficiently. QuickBooks accounting software has become the first choice for medium and small scale industries all over the globe. However, there can be some situations when it can fall under some errors that can even restrict you from opening QuickBooks. One such error is QuickBooks Couldn’t Open Your Company File. This error can appear when you try to open the QuickBooks or QuickBooks Company File with a wrong method. You can resolve this error instantly by calling the QuickBooks Enterprise Support.

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Won’t Open Issue

  • QuickBooks starts freezing suddenly
  • You computer starts not responding
  • System responding slow to your command
  • QB Files can be accessed

Causes Of QuickBooks Not Responding Issue

Main Causes of this QuickBooks issue are as given below:

  • Insufficient access or permission
  • Encrypted data within the file
  • Power supply issues while using QuickBooks program
  • Network or hardware problem
  • Using double clicks repeatedly while trying to open QuickBooks and doesn’t opening it in an appropriate manner
  • QuickBooks Version that you are using is either older or outdated.
  • Company name accessed the limit of 65 charecters
  • Missing or damaged QBWUSER.INI file
  • Using older or outdated version of QuickBooks.

How To Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open Error

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and selecting Task Manager
  • Go to the processes tab and locate QBW32.exe file and end its process.
  • Close QuickBooks software
  • Reboot your PC
  • Run QuickBooks again
  • Re-register the components related to QuickBooks. To do so, run ‘Reboot.bat’ for getting registered.DLL and OCX files.
  • To replace your damaged install files, repair QuickBooks Installation
  • Perform a clean installation of files to a new folder.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Issues

By following above mentioned steps, you can resolve these issues that are occurring while opening QuickBooks or a QuickBooks Company File. However, if you could not resolve the issue on your own or you are having any sort of doubts regarding QuickBooks then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717. Our experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors are able to provide you all kind of solution for all version and variants of QuickBooks.

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QuickBooks Error 1328: Fix It With QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

QuickBooks accounting software is a great accounting solution for all your business requirements but like any other software, QuickBooks is also surrounded by various errors and QuickBooks Error is one of them.

QuickBooks comes with various features that provide the required boost to grow your business. Intuit releases regular updates for the point of sale software once or twice a year. It is recommended to download the updates regularly. Updating the software is important because every update enhances and provides new features in the software.

Sometimes you might face some issues while updating the software. QuickBooks Error 1328 is one such error that occurs while updating, repairing, installing or uninstalling the software.

Main Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 1328

  • During the repair process, installing, updating, installing or uninstalling the QuickBooks POS.
  • Outdated version of QuickBooks POS.
  • It occurs during the update process of QuickBooks that can occur as a solo error or it may also come before an error. Usually the file paths are similar to c\config.msi\PT**.TMP

QuickBooks Error 1328 can occur in different ways. It basically depends on the situation under which the error is occurring.

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Solutions

Most of the time, updating the POS software solves the error code 1328. Updating the software will fix the below mentioned errors:

  • Failure in the installation of the update when applying the R9 patch for Point of Sale 2013
  • QuickBooks program unable to start as it is already running
  • Connection or opening issue to Point of Sale 2013 after R11 release
  • Longer installation time than usual
  • Same customer ID is entered for another customer
  • Unable to go through the history of items in POS 2013 after R11 release or in v10.0 after R17 release
  • POS freezes when processing a credit card in version 2013
  • Connection error with SSL
  • Socket Error code 10049

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 1328:

Reinstall Via Clean Install Tool

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Go to the installed Programs
  • Uninstall QuickBooks
  • Now perform the clean install by following the below steps:

Rename The Installation Folders

By using the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool, you can rename the folders. If the tool didn’t run automatically then run the program manually.

  • Open the Windows Explorer and go through every hidden files and rename all the folder locations listed for your Windows versions.
  • Right click on the folder
  • Add old or damaged with the folder’s name
  • Avoid QuickBooks from recognizing the folder to a new one.

Reach Us For Support

If you are still getting the update error code 1328 in QuickBooks then you need to get in touch with the experts as soon as possible. You can call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717.

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QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816: Call Us For Support At +1866-644-7717

QuickBooks software is an integrated accounting solution program that helps you in maintaining you’re your account and business data. However, like any other software it is also not free from errors. QuickBooks also has various errors that can occur due to various reasons. QuickBooks Error Code 6190, 816 is one such error that is being faced by the users commonly. Like most of the error codes of 6000 Error Category, it also indicates that there is something with your QuickBooks Company File. This error basically restricts you from accessing your QuickBooks company file. You are displayed the following error message when this error occurs:

QuickBooks was unable to open the company file on the hosted computer

Causes Behind The Error Code 6190, 816 In QuickBooks

Some of the main reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 6190, 816 are as given below:

  • Transaction Log File commonly known as TLG is not affiliated with the company file. TLG file is responsible for auto saved transactions that are saved by the QuickBooks itself and the formal of the file is xxxx.qbw.tlg (xxxx is the name of the company file). You are only allowed to convert the .tlg to .qbw file. QuickBooks Error 6019 appears when the .qbw file and .qbw.tlg file does not match to each other.
  • A recent update of QuickBooks wasn’t installed in a proper manner and causing the error. If the .tlg file wasn’t updated and the company file was updated then you may come across the error code 6000, 816.
  • A user is using QuickBooks in a single user mode then the user won’t be able to open the company file.
  • Company or data file is either missing or damaged.

How To Fix The QuickBooks Error 6190, 816

Resolving the QuickBooks Error 6190, 816 is not a complex task to perform. It can be fixed by following the guidelines provided by the Intuit. You can easily fix this issue by using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to do so:

  1. Go to the official website of Intuit and download the setup file of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  2. Install it in your system properly and run it.
  3. You will get the below two options there:
    • Network Connectivity Only
    • Both File Damage and Network Connectivity
  4. You need to opt the first option to fix this error
  5. Enter the system admin password.
  6. Now a dialogue box will appear which will ask you that the company file is hosted on Workstation or Server. If it is hosted on server then you need click on Yes, else click on

Call Us For QuickBooks Technical Support

If you still have some queries about the QuickBooks Error 6190, 816 or you are not able to fix the issue manually then you can get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support +1866-644-7717 to get instant support for your QB related issues

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How To Fix QuickBooks POS Error 176103

QBPOS Error 176103 Unable to Activate Product

QuickBooks POS became the necessity of big and small organizations to manage their accounting transactions and maintaining daily transactions. QuickBooks POS helps in simplifying the accounting process but sometimes due to wrong command or technical issues, the software stops working or it will not run smoothly. One such issue where your software restricts you to work smoothly Is QuickBooks POS Error 176103.

In this case, if you are new to QuickBooks then take the help from our team of Technicians, you can reach them through QuickBooks POS Support Number at any time.

Causes of QB Point of Sale Error Code 176103

Have a look at the Causes listed below:

  • Invalid Validation code
  • Time and Date are not proper
  • Invalid License Number
  • Company files are corrupted or damaged

When you are registering yourself at QB POS and you see “Error 176103: Unable to activate the Product” on your screen that means you have done something wrong.

How To Fix 176103 Error QuickBooks Point of Sale

Solution 1: Set time and Date properly

Option 1: Check from system tray

  1. On your desktop, do right click on time and date
  2. Now change date and time settings if they are not in position
  3. Update the time and date of the system

Option 2: Do it from Control Panel

  1. Hold Windows + R from the keyboard
  2. Now in the field type Control and choose “OK”
  3. Select Clock, Language and Region in the Control Panel window
  4. Select Date and time and Update it.

Solution 2: Delete Intuit Entitlement Folder contents

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8
  2. Now select all the files present in the folder
  3. Press Delete
  4. Open your QuickBooks POS
  5. Follow the Steps and complete the registration process

Solution 3: Clean Reinstall for QuickBooks POS

Step 1: Uninstall your QuickBooks POS

  1. Hold Windows and E together from the keyboard
  2. Select uninstall or change a program
  3. Click Point of Sale from the list of programs
  4. Select Uninstall and follow the steps to Uninstall

Step 2: Rename and Delete all POS folders

Renaming the POS Folders

  1. Now copy the POS data folder
  2. Paste the POS data folder by adding OLD in the folder name
  3. This will not create any duplicate folder

Deleting QBPOSDBSrvUser Windows user

  1. Go to Windows Start Button
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Choose User Accounts
  4. Go to Manage another account
  5. Choose Continue in the User Account control window
  6. Select QBPOSDBSrvUser
  7. Select Delete the account
  8. Restart your System

Step 3: Reinstall POS

Step 4: Restore the Company files

  1. Open you QuickBooks POS
  2. Choose the desirable name and create a new company data file
  3. Restore your Backup
  4. After this process, check the right set of data and check for connections and configurations
  5. Final step – Register the QuickBooks Desktop POS again.

Experts Help For QB POS 176103 Error Troubleshooting

It is possible that you will face some issue after following the above steps, In case connect with our expert’s team and they will guide you how to fix QuickBooks POS Error 176103 in near future. If you want to connect with our Support team then dial our toll-free QuickBooks Support Number 1866-644-7717 which is available to its users 24×7.

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How To Fix QuickBooks POS Error 181016

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error Code 181016

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a software that helps its members in managing the transactional records properly. But sometimes this software may face multiple errors that restrict users in maintaining the transactions and inefficient workflow will happen. Today we talk about the QuickBooks POS Error code 181016. This Error does not allow a user to access their data and company file while using the software.

We provide you with the platform where you can come and check all types of QuickBooks errors and their solutions. If you want to connect directly for assistance then you can contact QuickBooks POS Support Number.

Why 181016 Error Occurred in QuickBooks Desktop POS?

The Causes of this QuickBooks Error include:

  • Not logged in as administrator
  • IP/TCP may be corrupted
  • The Issue in Company Data File
  • The Existence of third-party applications and anti-virus

When QuickBooks Error 18016 occurred you will see a pop-up message on your screen which looks like this: “Problem could not open the QuickBooks Point of Sale data” or “Problem could not create a company.”

How To Fix QuickBooks Point of Error 181016 Instantly?

Solution 1

  1. Login as administrator
  2. If your problem is with your data then follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Filemenu
  • Choose Company operations
  • Select Create a new company
  • Click on Next
  • Fill the different name for the file as “test”
  1. If the above step wouldn’t work then open the original file and follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Filemenu
  • Select Company Data
  • Click on Open
  • Select Alternate location
  • Click browse
  • Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0\Data\[your company name]\for other versions and C:\Users\Public|Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0\Data\[your company name]\for Vista users.
  • Select db
  • Select open
  • Now OK
  1. You have to create a new file and follow the steps discussed below:
  • Navigate to file option
  • Choose Company Data
  • Rename it
  • Verify the data with the previous one, it should be the same

Solution 2:

  1. Go to QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection Tool
  2. Run it and open database manager
  3. Check the installed file it should not be damaged or corrupted
  4. Check third-party applications and antivirus software.
  5. Check your IP/TCP is enabled in the system. if not, do it

These are the basic solutions that you can do it manually to fix your QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 181016 but if it will not work then immediately you can contact our team of experts.

Support For QB Point of Sale 181016 Error Troubleshooting

Our Certified technicians are always ready to help you 24×7, make sure when you call us, tell them the version of QuickBooks which you are using. This will help our technicians to find the best solution for you and fix your error issue in no time. Simply pick up your phone and dial our toll-free Quickbooks Support Number and get connected instantly.

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