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QuickBooks Won’t Open PDF: [Resolved]

Sometimes you face some issues when you try to open your reports, invoices and other important documents in PDF format in QuickBooks but it returned an error. If you are also facing such issues then this is the best platform where you can get the solution for all your issues related the PDF files.

This issue can occur when you try to view the PDF tax forms that were stored in QuickBooks. You might be facing the issue because the PDF viewer is either not available in your system or it is unsupportive to QuickBooks.

You can also contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support Number +1888-567-1159 to get instant support for your QuickBooks issues.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Won’t Open PDF Issue

  • If you are facing the issue while saving a PDF file the firstly, you need to wait for a while and then try again.
  • Make sure that you have installed the latest version of QuickBooks because the older versions can fall into issues while opening or saving a PDF file due to compatibility issues
  • You try the PDF repair tool in order to scan and fix the issues that are occurring in your QuickBooks software.
  • Ask your administrator to provide you the access to view and export the PDF files in QuickBooks.
  • Press Windows + R keys to open the run command
  • Type %TEMP% and hit enter
  • Remove all the temporary folders

Change The PDF Viewer In Firefox

Firefox 19 and other newer versions come with built-in support for PDF management which is not dependent on any external add-ons such as Adobe Reader. The built-in PDF manager is unsupportive to the QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Payroll. In order to switch to the Adobe PDF handler, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to Tools or Options.
  • Click on Options and select Applications.
  • Change Portable Document Format (PDF) to Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click on Print.

Additional Solutions

If you are still facing the same issue then you need to install and reinstall Acrobat Reader XI. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to do so:

  • Go to the official website of Adobe and install the Adobe Reader 11.0.10.
  • Install the Acrobat Reader XI in your system.
  • Try to open the PDF files using Adobe Reader XI

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to view PDF files in QuickBooks:

  • Open the Control Panel and go to the Default Programs
  • Now, you will have a option to link a file with a particular program or software. click on the same.
  • From the list of files, locate *.pdf
  • Select *.pdf and click on Change program
  • Select Other Programs and then click on Browse
  • From the bottom of the menu, double-click on exe.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Issues

The provided solutions will allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Won’t print or open PDF issue in your QuickBooks Desktop. However, sometimes you keep on facing the same issue even after performing the steps properly. It might be occurring because the PDF file that you want to open is either damaged or corrupted. Well, if you require solution for your issues then you can get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 and avail the technical support services for your QuickBooks software.

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QuickBooks Won’t Restore Backup: [6 Easy Steps To Resolve The Issue]

If you are using QuickBooks from quite a long time then you might be aware of the fact that the QuickBooks Company Files are the backbone of your business. So, in order to keep them secure, Intuit recommends you to create backup of your data file on a regular basis so that you don’t lose your important data if something wrong happens to your QuickBooks. In order to use the backed up files, you need to restore them but sometimes users may face some errors while trying to restore the backup of their company files.

If you are also not able to restore the backup of your backup files and want to resolve this issue manually then we recommend you to read this article properly and follow the provided steps as this article will help you in resolving the QuickBooks Won’t Restore Backup issue. You can also dial the QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support Number +1888-567-1159 if you require an instant support for your QuickBooks issues.

The error that you can face while restoring the backup of your company files are as given below:

Error: Failed.


Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File


Error: Restore failed. Can’t remove log file

When Do These Restore Issues Occur?

  • The QuickBooks company file or the backup file consist some special characters (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*)
  • You’ve tried to restore a backup from a existing company file
  • You were trying to restore the backup file which is located on a portable drive.
  • The backup was created in a newer version of QuickBooks but you are trying to restore it on an older version
  • The file that you are trying to restore is not a backup file
  • You created a backup of a damaged QuickBooks company file.

How To Resolve The QuickBooks Won’t Restore Backup Issue?

Solution 1: Remove Special Characters (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*)From The File Name For Your Backup File

  • Go to the folder where the backup file is located.
  • Right-click on the backup file and select the Rename option from the drop-down list.
  • Provide a new name to the file which should not have any special character (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*).
  • Now try to restore the backup again. If you still face the same issue then you have to go to the next solution

Solution 2: Avoid Overwriting An Existing File When You Restore Your Backup

  • Save your backup file in the standard location
  • If you provide a name to this file which already existing in your system then you may come across a message that says: “The file name exists. Would you like to overwrite this file?”
  • You need to click on No.
  • Provide a different name to the file.

Solution 3: Copy Your Backup From Your Flash Drive Or Network Drive Before Restoring It

The restoration of the backup file can easily be if you use a local drive for it rather than a flash drive or a network drive. It is highly recommended by the Intuit to first transfer the backup file into the local system and then try to restore the backup.

Solution 4: Copy A Backup File To A New Folder Before Restoring It

We are implementing this step to make sure that the folder is not damaged or corrupted in which you have stored your backup file. Copy the file from the current folder and paste it into a new folder. You can choose to use the Windows Explorer for this.

Solution 5: Use The Same Or Newer Version Of QuickBooks When Restoring Your Backup

Gather information about the QN File Manager to know about the version of the backup you are restoring.

You can restore a backup to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop, but you are not allowed to restore to an older version because the file structure also gets updated along with the software.

Solution 6: Repair Your Company File

If you have tried all the mentioned steps but the error is still around then you may have to repair the company file through verify and rebuild data utility.

Get Instant Support For QuickBooks Company File Issues

The provided steps will allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Won’t Restore Backup issue and you will be able to restore the your backed up data files. However, if you are still in doubt or you are not able to resolve the issue manually then you need to contact the QuickBooks Technical Support Number +1888-567-1159 to ll-free to get instant support for your issues.

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QuickBooks Won’t Install: Resolve QuickBooks Installation Issues

Have you faced any kind of issue with the QuickBooks software when you try to install it on your computer? Well, you don’t have to worry as this article will help you in resolving these installation issues in your QuickBooks software so that you’ll be able to install the QuickBooks software on your system or server.

However, if you want an instant support for your QuickBooks Won’t Install issue then you can also contact the QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Number +1888-567-1159 toll-free.

Errors Or Issues That Can Occur While Installing The QuickBooks Software

In the most scenarios, the users face errors or issues due to the some missing or damaged Microsoft components. However, we have listed some of the most common errors or issues that can occur when you try to install the QuickBooks software.

  • QuickBooks Error Code 1603
  • Errors concerning to damaged Microsoft .NET Framework
  • QuickBooks Error Code 1935
  • QuickBooks Error Code 1904
  • Errors concerning to damaged MSXML and C++
  • QuickBooks Error Code 1402
  • Issues opening QB Desktop, such as QuickBooks has Stopped Working or Unrecoverable errors

Points To Remember

Before you move on to the solution steps, you need to remember some of the important points which will be helpful for you in resolving the installations issues and they are as follow:

  • Before you start the installation process, you need to disable the antivirus software installed in your system because the security software can also restrict the installation process sometimes.
  • Make sure that you have an active and stable internet connection.
  • Download and install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool which is able to detect almost every common issues related to the QuickBooks installation.
  • The installation source should not be damaged
  • If you are not sure about resolving the issues manually then you can contact the Intuit certified ProAdvisors of com.

QuickBooks Won’t Install: Resolution

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

As we’ve already mentioned that the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is capable of resolving almost every issue related to the QuickBooks installation. This tool helps you in fixing the Microsoft.NET, MSXML, and C++ problems on your computer. You need to follow the below mentioned steps in order to run the QBInstall tool:

  • Open an Internet browser and go to the official website of Intuit.
  • Download the QB Install Tool by clicking on the following download link

  • You will be asked to choose the location where you want to save the download file on the tool. Save the file on your desktop and install it properly.
  • Close all the tasks that are running in the background using the Task Manager
  • Run the QBInstall tool.
  • Let the process finish that will take around 10-15 minutes. The time taken by the tool also depends on the configuration of your system. If you have a low configuration system then it may take longer time than expected
  • Once the process finishes, restart your system in order to save changes.

Solution 2: Download Windows Updates On Your Computer

Intuit you to run the QuickBooks software on the latest operating system for a hassle free experience. QuickBooks works best if you are running it on the latest Windows and it has all the important updates downloaded. Intuit recommends you to use the QuickBooks software on Microsoft Windows 8.1 or 10. The reason behind this recommendation is that the older versions doesn’t get critical security and other updates and according to us, the biggest reason is that the latest version of Microsoft Windows has resolved the .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ issues.

How To Update Windows?

  • Go to the Start menu and in the search field, type Update.
  • Now, click on Windows Update.
  • You will be displayed all the available updates. Install the available updates for your OS.

Note: You must have an active internet connection to see the available updates

  • Restart your computer.
  • Now, try to install QuickBooks again on your system.

Solution 3: Manually Fix Problems With Windows Components

These steps are only for those who have a good knowledge of QuickBooks computers because these are a bit complex steps. We do not recommend you to perform these steps unless you are 100% sure because a simple mistake can harm your system.

  • Repair or reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework on your computer.
  • Fix the Microsoft MSXML services.

Solution 4: Install Or Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop In Selective Startup

There are thousands of QuickBooks users who are going through these installation issues due to the security applications such as the Firewall or other internet security software. These software identify the installation as a threat to your system and they stop the process. In such scenarios, you can disable the firewall or antivirus software and then try to install the QuickBooks software. You issue may get resolved by doing this.

Get Technical Support For QuickBooks Installation Issues

The provided solutions will allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Won’t Update issue easily. However, sometimes the software may throw different installation errors frequently and doesn’t allow you to install it. In such scenarios, you can contact the QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 toll-free and get instant solution for your issues.

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QuickBooks Won’t Update: Simple Guide To Fix The Error

QuickBooks software has been fulfilling all the accounting requirements for small and medium-sized businesses. To enhance the software, Intuit releases regular updates for the QuickBooks software and QuickBooks 2019 is the latest and the best version to go for right now. However, sometimes the users may face some issues while updating the QuickBooks software as they face the error that says QuickBooks won’t update or other update errors such as:

Updating your QuickBooks software has now become for important if you are on the 2016 or older version of QuickBooks because Intuit is going to discontinue the QuickBooks 2016 versions from 31st May 2019. It means that you won’t be able to get any support services and other add-on services for the QuickBooks 2016 version. For more information, you can contact the QuickBooks Upgrade Support 2019 to get additional information about the discontinuation policy.

Read this article properly to get the manual solutions for QuickBooks Won’t Update issue.

Causes Of QuickBooks Won’t Update Issue

Main causes of QuickBooks Won’t Update issue are as given below:

  • An unstable internet connection that doesn’t allow the software to get updated
  • Firewall settings are restricting the update process as it is identifying the QuickBooks update as a threat to your system
  • The Download link is either damaged or no more available
  • Incorrect date and time of your system
  • Virus or malware infection in your system

How To Resolve The QuickBooks Won’t Update Issue?

Solution 1: Check The System Date & Time On The Computer

Make sure that your system is set to the correct date and time as the wrong date and time or time-zone can restrict you from updating the QuickBooks software.

You can check the System date by following these steps:

  • From the bottom-right corner of your task-bar, right click on the area where the time and date is being displayed.
  • Now, from the list, select Adjust Date/Time
  • Firstly, check the time-zone. If it is not right then set the correct one
  • Then, click on Change date and time and set the correct date and time.
  • Click on OK.
  • Restart the QuickBooks software.
  • Try to update the QuickBooks software again and if the error still persists, go to the next step.

Solution 2:  Check Your Internet Connection Settings

It might be possible that the error is occurring due to the unstable internet connection. You need to check your connectivity by accessing a website through an internet browser. If the website doesn’t get open then you need to contact your internet service provider for support.

If the website could be accessed then you need to open the QuickBooks software and perform the following steps:

  • Go to Help > Internet Connection Setup.
  • Click on Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to create a connection during the application accesses the Internet.
  • Tap on Next.
  • Go to the Advanced Connection Settings.
  • From the Advanced tab select Restore Advanced Settings.
  • Select the OK
  • Tap on Done.
  • Update the QuickBooks desktop again.

Remember The Following Points:

  • Do not use any third party download accelerators as they can create hindrance in the download procedure. Also, disable the download accelerators before you updating the QuickBooks software. Get more information from your ISP if you want.
  • The speed of the dial-up connection must be at least 28.8 KB/S otherwise the update process won’t start.
  • If you are using AOL services then, first of all, you need to be logged in with the master login name under the AOL.
  • Make sure that the Parental Control settings are no activated.

Internet Security Or Personal Firewall Application Settings

It is no longer a secret that the internet security or the firewall settings can hinder the update process. You need to ensure that the firewall and internet settings are properly set up and they are not hindering the update process. You must enable the Ports 80 & 443 in order to begin the update process

Provide Access For The Following Files:

  • AutoBackupExe.exe
  • Dbmlsync.exe
  • DBManagerExe.exe
  • FileManagement.exe
  • FileMovementExe.exe
  • IntuitSyncManager.exe
  • QBCFMonitorService.exe
  • QBDBMgr.exe
  • QBDBMgrN.exe
  • QBGDSPlugin.exe
  • QBLaunch.exe
  • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
  • QBW32.exe
  • QuickBooksMessaging.exe
  • In the case, all of these ports are already in use by different processes, QB will start using the port 56719

Multiple Instances Of QuickBooks Desktop On The Same Computer

You may also face this update error if there is more than one installation of QuickBooks of the same year on the same computer. If this is the case then you just have to uninstall the QuickBooks software that you don’t use and keep the one that you use. Once the installation finished, try to update the software once again.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Update Issues

The provided steps will allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Won’t Update issue and other QuickBooks update errors as well because most of the update errors have almost the same resolutions. You can also try some quick fixes such as:

  • Disabling the Antivirus software
  • Installing the Windows updates
  • Reinstalling the QuickBooks software

If you still face the same issue and couldn’t resolve it manually then we recommend you to get in touch with the technical support department of Intuit by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1888-567-1159.

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QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File: Simple Solutions to Fix It

QuickBooks is considerably the best accounting software all over the world. QuickBooks comes with a bunch of programs and add-ons that are specially developed for kind of task and this is what makes it the best out of the rest. However, you may face some issues and errors in the QuickBooks software and one such error is “QuickBooks won’t open your company file” or “QuickBooks is unable to open this company file” that restricts you from opening the QuickBooks Company file.

If you are also facing the same issue and looking for a quick resolution then this is the best place where you can get rid of the issue as this article will help you in resolving the QuickBooks Won’t Open your company file issue. You can also connect with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Number +1888-567-1159 toll-free.

Causes Of QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File Issues?

  • QuickBooks Company files are damaged
  • The file that you are trying to open is already opened by another user on the shared file
  • You are not following the appropriate method to open the company file.
  • The reports in the file are having some issues
  • The QuickBooks version is not supported to the company file that you are trying to open
  • You are using an outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop

You may get the following error message:

  • “-6000 series mistakes – for example -6189, –6147, -6175, or -6000 77” and these can be resolved by following some basic guidelines.
  • “C= messages like C=422 or C=342.”
  • “ Unrecoverable error messages.”
  • “3371 which indicates that the QuickBooks installation is damaged.”
  • QuickBooks Error -6073, -99001.
  • QuickBooks Error -6192, -816.

How To Resolve The Issue

There are multiple ways to get rid of this company file error. These errors are critical in nature but they can be resolved by following the provided guidelines appropriately. Steps to resolve the QuickBooks company file not opening are as below:

Note: Before going on to the steps, you must be ensured that the problem lies within your company file and not in your system. If the issue is occurring due to your system issues then you need to contact your technician as soon as possible.

Press & hold the Ctrl key while double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon. If QuickBooks does not open then the issue is with your QuickBooks installation and not with your company file. So, you need reinstall the QuickBooks software to resolve the error. If the QuickBooks software start then the issue is with the company file and you need to continue with the following steps.

  • Ensure you are using the latest updated version of QuickBooks.
  • Open the file with the same QuickBooks version that last opened it. You can do this task as follows:
    • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows + E
    • Go to the folder where the company file is located
    • Locate the company file in which the issue is occurring (.QBW extension).
    • Right-click on the file and select Properties from the drop-down list
    • Now, select the QuickBooks
    • A new box will pop on your screen which will display the QuickBooks versions which were used previously.
  • Run the company file via QuickBooks. Follow the below steps to do so:
    • Open QuickBooks and from the main menu, go to File > Open or restore company
    • Select the appropriate file. It can be a backup file, company file or an accountant’s copy file.
    • Go the folder that stores the QuickBooks company file and double-click on the file.
    • Follow the onscreen prompts to open the file. If it is an Accountant’s Copy then go to the File > ‘Convert accountants copy transfer file’.
  • Stop all the running reports and other QuickBooks processes.
    • Highlight the file with just a simple click and then press the Alt
    • Select Open. You may have to login using the appropriate credentials.
    • Press the Alt key again while clicking on OK.
    • Keep on pressing the Alt key until the file opens or you get an error.
  • Open sample company file and If it is not opening then the issue is occurring due to the damaged QuickBooks installation.
  • Move the company file to a new location and then try to open it from there as the current folder can also be damaged.
  • Go to the location of the company file and open its properties by right-clicking and select the Properties option from the drop-down. The file should be more than 7 MB in size and it should not be encrypted or compressed as the QuickBooks doesn’t read such files.
  • Rename the company file by right-clicking on the file and selecting Rename from the drop-down list.
  • Remove multi-user access by going into File > Utilities Stop multi-user access.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

If the manual solutions didn’t work for you then you need to use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is an automated tool that works with all the Intuit products. You can download it from the official website of Intuit for free. Once you run the tool, it automatically scans resolve the identified issues. Once you are done with the process, just restart your computer and you are good to go.

Contact Us For QuickBooks Software To Troubleshoot This Issue

The provided steps will allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Won’t Open Company file issue. These steps are able to resolve almost every error or issue related to your QuickBooks company files or related files. However, sometimes it may get worse and the issue couldn’t be resolved manually. In such scenarios, the QuickBooks software throws an unrecoverable error message that can’t be resolve manually. In such cases, you need to get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 and we will help you in resolving these company file errors instantly.

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QuickBooks Error C=342: Resolve QuickBooks Data Damage Issues

What Is QuickBooks Error Code C=342?

QuickBooks Error C=342 appears while attempting to open a damaged QuickBooks company file. When the error occurs, the first thing that you need to do is restarting your computer and then try to create a new file again. This error can be frustrating for you as it can restrict you from accessing your company file. This error needs to be resolved as soon as possible and if you are looking for a solution then this article will be helpful for you as we are going to discuss the steps to resolve the QuickBooks Error C=342 in QuickBooks.

Why This Error Occurs In QuickBooks

Main causes behind the error code C=342 in QuickBooks are as given below:

  • QuickBooks Company Files are damaged
  • .exe is not compatible
  • QuickBooks database got corrupted
  • Firewall settings are not allowing the QuickBooks to access the company file
  • Antivirus software is restricting the software to access the company file

How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=342?

It is highly recommended by the experts that you must take a backup of your company files before making any major modification in your QuickBooks software so that you can restore the data in case if something goes wrong. To resolve the error code C=342, you can perform the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Run the Rebuild Utility

  • Run QuickBooks and click on File menu
  • Take your cursor to Utilities and then click on Rebuild Data
  • Perform the provided prompts in order to backup your QuickBooks company file

Important: You need to wait for the process to get finish and make sure that you do not close the QuickBooks software because it will stop the ongoing process.

  • Once the process is finishes, click on OK to close the window

Step 2: Run the Verify Utility

  • Run QuickBooks and click on File menu
  • Take your cursor to Utilities and then click on Rebuild Data
  • If the QuickBooks did not detect, it will say that no issue detected with your data.
  • Click on OK and use your Company File
  • In case, if there is an error identified with your company file a rebuild data window appear
  • You need to click on Close
  • Validate the log file. This file is also known as the brain of QuickBooks software and there should be no error in this particular file to run QuickBooks smoothly.
  • Open the log file press CTRL + F
  • Type Errors and hit the enter key
  • If there is an error identified in the file then you should contact the QuickBooks expert as soon as possible.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Error C=342

By following the above mentioned you will be able to rebuild the data but if you could not do it then it means that the QBWIN.log files have some errors.  In such circumstances, you should immediately contact the Intuit certified QuickBooks Experts of To get in touch with the Experts, pick up your cell phone and call on the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159. You can call on this number any second of the day as it is active 24-hours 365 days of the year.

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QuickBooks Error 15240: [Complete Guide To Resolve Update Errrors]

QuickBooks Payroll is a great component of QuickBooks that can be easily integrated with both Desktop and Online versions of QuickBooks. It provides various important features such as direct deposit, printable checks automated check calculations etc. To enhance the work experience of the users, QuickBooks payroll comes with regular updates. But sometimes even this facility becomes a headache when it falls into an error during the update process. The error that can appear during the payroll update is known as the QuickBooks Error 15240. This error restricts you from updating QuickBooks payroll. You can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support team to resolve the error code 15240.

QuickBooks Error Code 15240: Reasons

When the error code 15240 in QuickBooks pops up, it only states that the QuickBooks Payroll could not be updated due to some unknown reasons. We have identified some of the main causes that are behind this payroll update error. Then main causes of this error are as given below:

  • Changes in QuickBooks software settings
  • Damaged or corrupt download of QuickBooks software
  • QuickBooks files are infected by virus or malware attack
  • QuickBooks records were deleted by some other application by mistake

Solutions For QuickBooks Payroll Update Error

Before going on to the solution steps, you must know the reasons behind this update error in QuickBooks Payroll. Once you identify the factors that are causing the error, it will become a bit easy to fix the issue. Before going on the major steps, you can try some quick solutions that include running the system as an administrator or you can set the accurate Time and Date if it is not right. If the error still occurs then you can go on to the main steps. However, we have mentioned two different solutions that you can apply to fix the error.

Steps to fix the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15240 are as given below:

Method 1

  • Close QuickBooks properly and go to the folder where the QuickBooks is installed
  • Right click on folder and select Properties from the drop-down list
  • Go to Security and Advanced tab
  • Verify the current file folder owner from the User group
  • Finish the task and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Resolution 2

  • Open the Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools and then select Internet Options from the drop-down list
  • Select Advanced
  • Verify and choose the SSL 3.0 and USE SSL 2.0
  • Save the updated settings and then click OK

You can also visit QuickBooks Error 15271 , QuickBooks Error 15270to know more about the QuickBooks update errors.

Support For Payroll Update Error 15240

By following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to fix the error code 15240. If the error still persists then you need to contact the experts by dialing our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 toll-free.

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QuickBooks Error 15271: Resolve QuickBooks Update Errors

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks is undoubtedly the best accounting software across the globe. It has the ability to fulfill even the smallest requirements of small and medium-sized businesses and help them to gain more profit. QuickBooks is enriched with so many features and Intuit keeps on adding new features to make this accounting software program more efficient. It is highly recommended be on the updated version of QuickBooks because every update comes with some important tools and features which can help you to manage your business more efficiently. QuickBooks Error 15271 is one of them that generally occurs while installing the QuickBooks software or the payroll tax tables.

The error code 15271 pops on your screen in the middle of the update process and the process gets canceled. The error can come with the following error messages:

  • Error 15271: Payroll update A file cannot be justified.
  • Error 15271: The update had been incomplete. The file can’t be validated.

If you are looking to resolve the QuickBooks Update Error 15271 on your own but not sure about the solution steps then you’ve landed on the right page as this article will help you in resolving the same. You can also connect with us at our QuickBooks Payroll Technical Support Number +1888-567-1159 and get your update issues resolved instantly.

What Causes The Error Code 15271

  • Update process failed because an important file couldn’t be validated
  • An important QuickBooks related file was deleted by a third party application that was recently installed in your system.
  • Incomplete or corrupt installation of QuickBooks software
  • Unstable internet connection in your system

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15271?

QuickBooks Error 15271 can be resolved easily following the below-mentioned steps properly:

Windows Vista Users

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Open the User Account Control (UAC) settings
  • Select the Turn User Account Control(UAC) on or off
  • Select OK and then reboot your system

For Windows 7, 8 & 10 Users

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Open the User Account Control (UAC) settings
  • Disable UAC and then click on OK
  • Enter the admin password if you are asked to do so.
  • Click on Yes or OK to the confirmation message if you get one.
  • Restart your system
  • Enable the UAC again
  • Click on OK
  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to Help > Update QuickBooks
  • Click on the Update Now tab
  • Click on the Reset Update checkbox and then click on Get Updates
  • You will receive the Update Complete notification once the process finishes
  • Click on Install Now option from the install update message
  • Once the installation completes, restart your computer.

Support For QuickBooks Update Issues

Hopefully, the mentioned steps in this article were useful for you and you successfully tackled the error code 15271. Resolving the error will allow you to update the QuickBooks software and then you’ll be able to utilize the latest functions of QuickBooks software. However, if you are still facing the same issue while updating or installing QuickBooks then you need to get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 and get instant support for your issues.

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QuickBooks Error 80070057: Get Instant Support For QuickBooks @ +1888-567-1159

QuickBooks Error 80070057 is one of the most common and critical errors in the QuickBooks software that generally occurs when you double click on a company file or a portable file that was created in an earlier version of QuickBooks.

The error code 80070057 refers to the following things:

  • The manager is getting an error while opening the company file.
  • The manager doesn’t have appropriate rights to view, edit or access the company file

QuickBooks Error 80070057 comes with the following error messages:

Error: 80070057 the parameter is incorrect or You do not have sufficient permissions

You have insufficient right to remove the files in the specified folder. You must have the full access to read, write, create or delete the files in order to use the QuickBooks software in multi-user mode.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 80070057

  • You’ve attempted to the access the company file by double-clicking on it instead of opening it from inside QuickBooks.
  • You are trying to access a company file which is stored in a folder on a redirected desktop, and the system is not on the network.
  • A third party firewall application is restricting you from opening the company file
  • You are using the BitDefender antivirus that blocks all the uncommon ports during the data traffic between the computers. QuickBooks Desktop 2018, 2017, and 2016 use the database service running on the host computer. This database service communicates through ports 56728 (2018), 56727 (2017), and 56726 (2016) respectively. BitDefender blocks these ports by default.


  • If you are trying to open a file that is located on an external drive then you need to copy it from there first.
  • If you are getting an error while installing the software then try to download the program from the website.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 80070057?

Run As Administrator

Re-launch your QuickBooks Desktop

  • Right click on the QB icon from the desktop
  • From the drop-down list, select Run as Adminstrator

Open The Company File After The QuickBooks Program Has Already Opened

The company files needs to be opened from inside the QuickBooks software and it may throw an error if you open it by double-clicking on it.

  • Go to Start > All Programs > QuickBooks
  • Select the QB version that you are trying to open in case if you have multiple versions of QuickBooks installed in your system.
  • If the company file didn’t open automatically then select the company file and click on Open

Move The Company File Folder To Local Drive

Move your Company File to the C:\ drive to allow access for all the computers on the network.

Update QuickBooks To The Latest Release

Upgrading to the latest release of QuickBooks may resolve the error code 80070057 automatically.

Manually Resolve Error 800070057

  • Rename the .nd file.
    • Go to the folder where the company file is stored.
    • Locate the corresponding .nd file of your company file. Example:qbw.nd
    • Right-tap on the .nd file and then select Rename from the drop-down.
    • Add .old at the end of the file extension. Example:qbw.nd.old
  • Rescan your file through the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
    • Open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
    • Click on Add Folder to open the Browse Folder
    • Select the folder where your company file is located and then click on OK.
    • Click on Scan.
    • Once the scan finishes, re-open the company file.

Configure Your Firewall Software

  • Go to the Firewall and Internet security for updates and network access to configure the settings.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to configure your firewall to allow the internet access to the QuickBooks Desktop files on all the workstations.
  • If you still face the issue even after configuring the firewall then you need to uninstall and reinstall the firewall application.

Configure BitDefender to allow QuickBooks Desktop communication

  • Open the BitDefender 10.0 and from the main menu, select Antivirus
  • Go to Custom level > Exclude path from scan.
  • Select the New item
  • Choose the mapped drive or UNC path that is required to browse to the company file. Example: “Q:\”


  • If the BitDefender is still blocking the QuickBooks communication then you need to contact their technical support.
  • If you have installed a different security software then you will have to exclude the QuickBooks program directories. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Company Files

Support For QuickBooks Errors

The provided methods will allow you to resolve the error code 80070057 easily. However, if you are still facing the same issue then you can connect with our technical support department by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number +1877-277-3228 to get instant support for your QuickBooks issues.

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QuickBooks Error 3003: Resolve QuickBooks Sync Error

Intuit has created QuickBooks to provide accounting services at reasonable prices. However, the software sometimes can fall into the issues that can be a bit difficult for you. QuickBooks Error 3003 is one such error that can be stated as a very common error that occurs while syncing the data with the Intuit services but the sync fails. When this happens, the data doesn’t get uploaded and if you click again in the sync button, it throws the same error.

You can also resolve the error by following some basic steps recommended by Intuit. The error can make your system slow and unresponsive. This article will help you to tackle this sync error by some basic steps. However, you can also contact us at QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 toll-free.

Causes Of The Error 3003

QuickBooks Error 3003 can occur due to several reasons but most of the time it occurs if the operating system comes with the latest work frame and extended services. Knowing about the causes can be a beneficial point for you because it can be helpful for you while resolving the error as you’ll know where you have to work exactly to resolve the error. Some of the most common causes of QuickBooks Sync Error 3003 are as given below:

  • You are trying to sync the data which was already synced earlier
  • You’ve closed or refreshed the Windows in between the synchronization process
  • Your system is running out of space or it doesn’t have enough RAM

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error 3003

  • Error code 3003 occurs in your system
  • QuickBooks does not responds or gets crashed
  • Windows crashes randomly
  • QuickBooks freezes for a while
  • Windows starts to respond slowly to your commands.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 3003

You need to perform the following steps to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 3003:

  • Open the Task manager to verify the process status
    • Initiate the sync process of your data on QuickBooks and let it run in the background.
    • Run the Task Manger by right-clicking on the task bar
    • Navigate to the Processes tab
    • Find the exe process and check if it is running
    • If the process unavailable in list then contact the technical support department of Intuit.
  • Check if the error the error is occurring from the installed components on your system:
    • Disable the Antivirus software installed in your system as it can restrict the QuickBooks software to start the syncing process.
    • Disable the Windows Firewall so that the sync process can get started
    • Any other application must not be running in the background. If there is a process then close it using the Task Manager
    • Uninstall the third party application that you’ve recently installed because these third-party applications can interfere in between the synchronization process.
    • Install all the available updates for Windows
    • Update your QuickBooks software to the latest release.

Support For QuickBooks Sync Errors

By following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to resolve the QuickBooks Sync Error 3003. However, sometimes the error may become unrecoverable if you don’t resolve it as soon as possible. The last thing that you can do is reach out to the customer support team of  You can reach out to us by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support Number +1888-567-1159 and the certified ProAdvisors of Intuit will be connected to you and provide you the solution.

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