Why Intuit Payroll Login Not Responding

QuickBooks Online accounting program gives its best result when it is used on Google Chrome browser. But there can be some instances when you might face some login issues that can affect your work.

Although it is a very frustrating error but it can be resolved by following some easy steps. In this article, we have provided the causes and resolution for this error. You can contact the QuickBooks Payroll Support team if you are looking for instant support.

Causes Of Payroll Login Issue In QuickBooks

Common issues that you might be getting are as given below:

  • You get loading message continuously and couldn’t log in actually.
  • Account Services Unavailable message displayed on your screen
  • You are redirected to the sign-in page when you click “My Company”

How to Fix Unable to Login QB Payroll Issue

Solution 1: Use a different browser

Using a different browser is the easiest way to fix this issue. Try to use a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and try to login into your QuickBooks account. If you are using Internet Explorer, then you are required to add some feature.

Solution 2: Google Incognito

  • Using Google Incognito mode can be another effective way to fix such errors. If you are not able to login to your account on regular Google Chrome browser then try to login to your account on Incognito mode. Most of the time it will solve your issue.
  • Click on three dots that you see in front of URL bar and select New Incognito Window from the drop down window.
  • Once you open the incognito window, log in to the QuickBooks account and it should be successful. The only demerit of incognito mode is that most of the extensions are disabled in it.

Solution 3: Clear Browsing Data/Cookies/Cache

Clearing browsing history can be one of the most effective ways to solve this payroll login error. To do so, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Click on three dots that you see in front of the URL bar and then click on Settings from the drop down list.
  • Now scroll down and locate History option and then click on it.
  • Click on Clear browsing history.
  • You will get a new window that will ask you the items that you want to remove. Mark the relevant boxes and then select time period Beginning Of My Time and then click on Clear Browsing Data.

This solution must be working for you and you will be able to login to your QuickBooks account. If the Google Chrome starts misbehaving or not responding while removing history, contact the QuickBooks Chat Support team.

Solution 4: Login as another Chrome user

  • Go to Menu and then click on Settings
  • Locate the Users option and click on it.
  • Now click on Add New User. It will open a new window on your screen.
  • Select the desired icon and name and mark the Create Desktop Shortcut and the click on Create
  • Now there are two users in the Google Chrome. You can switch users whenever you want. This must solve the issue for you.

Help & Support For Login Intuit QB Payroll Error

Follow the guidelines sequence wise and your issue should be resolved. If any solution worked for you then you do not need to go to the next solutions. However, if any of the issue didn’t worked and you are still not able to login to your account then you can call us at our QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1866-644-7717 toll free.