If you own a business then you will be aware of the importance of using online banking services directly from the QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks allows its users to connect with their financial institution without opening their site separately. However, sometimes you may face some issues while contacting your financial institution from QuickBooks such as QuickBooks Can’t Connect to Bank or QuickBooks could not recognize the bank account. If you are also facing the same issue then this article can be very helpful for you as we’ll be providing you the complete process to resolve your QuickBooks online banking issues. If you want an instant resolution of your issue then you can contact the QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Number +1888-380-2330 toll-free.

Why Am I Facing Banking Issues In QuickBooks?

Major causes due to which the banking issues occur are as given below:

  • Your bank account is not properly linked with the QuickBooks Desktop application
  • Some important alerts are coming from the bank’s side but they are not being acknowledged.
  • The financial institution’s website is undergoing some kind of maintenance.
  • Unstable internet connection in your system which is not allowing the QuickBooks Desktop to get connected with your banking site.
  • Server issues in your bank’s website
  • Issues while downloading or importing reports
  • You are using an outdated version of QuickBooks that doesn’t support online banking services.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Can’t Connect To Bank Issues?

First, you need to be assured that the bank’s website is properly and it is not going under maintenance. If your bank’s site currently not providing the online banking services then you need to contact your bank to allow the services. Open your email inbox to check if you’ve received any notification alert from the bank’s side about the service discontinuation.

You need to wait for around two or three hours and if you are still facing the same issue then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open your QuickBooks and head to Banking section from the left panel.
  • Now, select Banking
  • From the top-right corner of your window, select Update

If you face any error on your screen then you need to follow the prompts to resolve the error:

You can use the WebConnect tool during the resolution period in order to import the transactions into your QB online account. If the issue doesn’t get resolved then you can contact the QuickBooks Technical Support Number for further assistance.

How To Fix Can’t Find Or Connect Your Bank Account?

Before you move on the solution steps, you need to know the reason due to which you faced this issue. There can be multiple factors that can cause this error and some of them are as given below:

  • Review the financial institution’s list because some banks may have different names. You must select the one where your bank account exists and if you select a different bank, you may face the issue.
  • Some banking institutions provide some services to the premium or business accounts only. You may face this connectivity issue if you are having a normal bank account.
  • The bank in which you have your account should be listed as a participating financial institution in QuickBooks Desktop.

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to resolve the QuickBooks Can’t Find Your Bank Account issue:

  • While entering your bank account, you get the message on your screen that says: Hmm, we can’t find [name of the bank you entered] in our list of the supported bank. You need to click on the Find
  • Select the Request support for your bank
  • Enter the bank’s website in the text field.
  • Click on Request.

QuickBooks Technical Support Number

The provided solutions should allow you to get rid of the QuickBooks banking issues. However, if you still face any of the issues then feel free to get in touch with the QuickBooks Support. These issues can occur when some important components get corrupted and that doesn’t allow QuickBooks to connect with the financial institution. These components are essential for synchronization of data and to get online services. If you can’t fix these issues manually then you can rely on us as we are efficient enough to take care of all your QuickBooks related issues.

Contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1888-380-2330 to avail the technical support services for your QuickBooks software in no time.