QuickBooks accounting software is a great accounting solution for all your business requirements but like any other software, QuickBooks is also surrounded by various errors and QuickBooks Error is one of them.

QuickBooks comes with various features that provide the required boost to grow your business. Intuit releases regular updates for the point of sale software once or twice a year. It is recommended to download the updates regularly. Updating the software is important because every update enhances and provides new features in the software.

Sometimes you might face some issues while updating the software. QuickBooks Error 1328 is one such error that occurs while updating, repairing, installing or uninstalling the software.

Main Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 1328

  • During the repair process, installing, updating, installing or uninstalling the QuickBooks POS.
  • Outdated version of QuickBooks POS.
  • It occurs during the update process of QuickBooks that can occur as a solo error or it may also come before an error. Usually the file paths are similar to c\config.msi\PT**.TMP

QuickBooks Error 1328 can occur in different ways. It basically depends on the situation under which the error is occurring.

QuickBooks Update Error 1328: Solutions

Most of the time, updating the POS software solves the error code 1328. Updating the software will fix the below mentioned errors:

  • Failure in the installation of the update when applying the R9 patch for Point of Sale 2013
  • QuickBooks program unable to start as it is already running
  • Connection or opening issue to Point of Sale 2013 after R11 release
  • Longer installation time than usual
  • Same customer ID is entered for another customer
  • Unable to go through the history of items in POS 2013 after R11 release or in v10.0 after R17 release
  • POS freezes when processing a credit card in version 2013
  • Connection error with SSL
  • Socket Error code 10049

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 1328:

Reinstall Via Clean Install Tool

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Go to the installed Programs
  • Uninstall QuickBooks
  • Now perform the clean install by following the below steps:

Rename The Installation Folders

By using the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool, you can rename the folders. If the tool didn’t run automatically then run the program manually.

  • Open the Windows Explorer and go through every hidden files and rename all the folder locations listed for your Windows versions.
  • Right click on the folder
  • Add old or damaged with the folder’s name
  • Avoid QuickBooks from recognizing the folder to a new one.

Reach Us For Support

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