QuickBooks Error 1904 occur when the system becomes unstable and some important file or files get missing. This error is a common QB error but needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid additional issues that it can create. You get the error message like this:

Error 1904: [file path/name/extension] failed to register

QuickBooks has been labeled as one of the best account software especially for medium and small scale industries. It provides you the best accounting solution and great management of your accounts. But it is also true that the possibilities of errors in this software are very high that can become a stressful thing for you and your business.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 1904

The error code 1904 in QuickBooks generally appears due to the incorrect or inappropriate file settings. The moment it appears in your QuickBooks software, it mentions some of the following issues:

  • dll
  • dll
  • exe

QuickBooks Error 1904: Solution

Looking at the causes, you might be thinking that the resolutions will be so difficult but you don’t have to worry because the error code 1904 in QuickBooks can easily be fixed by following some basic steps and guidelines. The steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 1904 are as given below:

  • Shut down QuickBooks and all it related processes
  • Check if the installation of QuickBooks was done right or not.
  • If not then you need to download and install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool in your system
  • Run the tool. It will automatically scan and fix the detected issues
  • After the process finishes, restart your computer to apply changes
  • You need to install the QuickBooks software again
  • If the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool wasn’t able to detect any issue then you need to run the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool.

In case if the above mentioned steps could not fix the error then you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the Start menu of your computer
  • Type User Accounts in the search field
  • Go to the User Account window and from there, click on Manage Account users > Manage another account
  • Click on Create a new account and provide a name to it.
  • Provide it the Administrator rights
  • Log off to the windows and login back using the new user account and then open QuickBooks software there.

Support For QuickBooks Error Code 1904

As you have seen that the solution for the error code 1904 is not that complex and can easily be fixed by following the solution steps but sometimes due to some serious issue the issue could not be fixed manually. In such situations you need to reach out the experts quickly so that they can fix the error for you. For this, you can contact the customer support team QuickBooks.

If the customer support team could not be reached then you still don’t have to worry because the QuickBooks Customer Support team of fixaccountingerror.com can be contacted easily even in the odd hours. You just need to dial their toll-free number for support +1888-567-1159 and all your QuickBooks issues will be resolved in no time.