We’ve received various queries in recent days recent days related to the issues while exporting the QuickBooks data to Excel. Basically, there are two issues that can occur while exporting the data to Excel:

  • Export option for Excel is grayed out
  • QuickBooks Can’t Export To Excel

QuickBooks Won’t Export To Excel:

This article will provide you the steps to resolve these issues and other issues related to the exporting from QuickBooks. Before you move onto the solution steps, we recommend you to export the data to Excel once again by performing the proper steps and if the issue is still around then head to the solution steps directly. If you are looking for an instant resolution for your issue then we recommend you to get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Number +1866-644-7717.

Why Do You Face Issues While Exporting To QuickBooks?

The export option for excel gets grayed out due to several reasons and some of them are as given below:

  • Microsoft Excel is not installed on your computer.
  • Excel is installed on a network drive.
  • Damaged Installation of MS Excel.
  • An older version of Excel is installed in your system which is not supported by QuickBooks anymore.
  • You are using an outdated version of QuickBooks which is not supported by the newer versions of Excel.

How To Resolve The QuickBooks Won’t Export Issue?

Toggle The User Account Control (UAC) In Windows

You need to toggle the User Account Control in Windows for the resolution of the export issue.

  • Turn off UAC.
    • Windows 7, 8, and 10
      • From the desktop, go to Start and open the User Account Control Settings.
      • Open the Control Panel
      • Navigate to the User Accounts section
      • Modify the User Account Control Settings.
      • Click on Never Notify for the notifications
      • Click on OK.
    • For Windows Vista users
      • Go to the Control Panel.
      • Click on the Classic View (Ignore if it is already selected).
      • Double-click on the User Accounts.
      • Click on Turn on or off for the User Account Control.
      • Mark the Use User Account Control (UAC) checkbox to prevent your computer from any kind of threats.
      • Select OK.
    • Restart your system.
    • Try to open a QuickBooks company file.
    • From the Report menu, select a report.
    • From the report window that occurs, you need to select the Export You should have all the export options there including Excel.

Get Support For QuickBooks Export Issues

The provided solutions should resolve your issue and you should be able to export your reports to Excel directly from QuickBooks. However, in case if the issue didn’t get resolved and you are still not able to export your reports to Excel then it might be possible that either the MS Excel or the QuickBooks software is damaged and requires instant solution. To resolve these issues, you need to get in touch with the QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1866-644-7717 and you will be provided instant support for your issues.